• Deborah Roscoe

Dual Income Properties - Are they worth it?

Dual Income Properties are a great investment option that can minimise the investment risk as there are multiple rental income streams, but you need to consider the increased holding costs as well, as usually strata or torrens title duplexes have greater council and fixed water rates than a house and granny flat or a stand alone home and insurance will also be higher.

Land tax may also be applicable as the land value of 2 torrens/strata title land holdings is usually worth more than 1.

The increase in rent needs to be good enough to make those extra holding costs worthwhile. The net return of any investment is was is important, as that is going into your pocket, not the gross rental return.

Also as they usually cost more to invest in, they may not be the best option for a first time investor, but this will depend on their financial always, do your due diligence.